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The information contaned in these pages is to be considered out of game knowledge unless plot approval is given for in-character reasons.

Allure is the Undead Empire which has stood for thousands of years within Ith. It is a dark and twisted place in which monsters of the dark, things of legend, live side by side with the mortals that make their home there. It is a place built on unending political strife between its ancient houses. It is such a place where anything is possible and wealth and power are there for those that can earn (or take) it. For those who would oppose the darkness, Allure is the ultimate challenge... for in the shadows of the empire, many evil things lurk.

History of Allure

Government of Allure

Class Interactions of Allure

Geography of Allure - The 13 states

Laws of the Empire of Allure

Racial Interactions in Allure

Religion in Allure

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