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Class Interactions of Allure

Allure uses an unspoken class system as shown below. Those above are in charge of those below. 

The Emperor

Royal Class: The Emperor’s Konklaive, the direct Rulers of the states, 1st born vampires, and Mum’rella

High Noble Class: Members of the ruling families, Cabal members, Dread guard

Noble Class: Nobles of rank, vicars and counts , generals or famous or well established military offices or knightly order members of note

Lesser nobles: all noble( lords and ladies) not above

Knights, In some states mortal nobles are considered part of the lesser noble class even if they hold a higher title or rank.

Class of Station: all people of note who aren’t lords and ladies,Military officers, squires 

Class of Service: people who work and in some way contribute to the empire. Farmers, Sworns,

lesser class: people who don’t contribute to their state, or pay taxes, or give tribute, in many states being of lesser class offers you no protection by law

Indentured class: people owned by other people.

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