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Gegraphy of Allure - The 13 States

Vampire- Ru’karz: ( State ruler: High Lord Glad’zir Rukarz)This small State is all but remines of the once powerful Rukar’z Vampire house.The Rukar’z exist is bitter cold north state. It’s people strudy and steadfast enough to surivive the conditions of their state. Here the Vampire Tribe Rukarz rules surpremely. Most of the people here are more living then dead, All members ot he Rukar’z tribe are vampires or Ghouls and Thralls awaiting Transformation. Ru’karz are willing to rent their servants out to any one willing to pay their price, their man export is mercenaries and second flesh and slave trade. It is rumored that the Ru’kars have great hidden pits where their breed men like cattle. The strongest their train as Mercenaries.

Thearaelis ( state rulers: Thearaelis, is the home to the Vampire tribe of Melalcules, They have long held their domain over the area. The Melalcules state is self ruled by the powerful vampire and mortal families that live there. The Melalcules have a fair but brutal legal system. The Melalcules tribe is one of the largest tribes, but they yet honor and rule freely with their mortal counterparts. Thearaelis is a cultural foundation of art and science, there are several major schools. The people of Threaraelis are some of the most culturally developed and educated of the empire. Thearaelis, is one of the few states in which religion is taught, and the gods are worshiped freely. 

State Jo’nah( State rulers:the Family of Jo’nah Von Dornian) Von Dornian State Jo’nah is home to the Vampire tribe Von Dornian, While the smallest of the Vampire tribes to rule a state, the Von Dornain’s political power is vast, The state is made up of a series of Cities, each built around a ancient keep, citadel or fortress raised in times past. The state itself is mostly made up of peasant farmers, and large mills, which work tirelessly at the vast forests which make up most of the state. As the Von Dornian tribe is smaller, they have allowed a number of less noble house to have sworn oaths of loyalty to the Von Dornain house. All the people of Jo’nah follow a friece code of loyalty and honor, the ruling houses have made all the poeple feel resecpted for their duty to the state and each other. The state produces a number of fine weapons, and armaments. 

Nefa’fara-Vampire- This state is a vast desert which borders on High Mountains and is home to lush oasis, It’ is home to the oldest Vampire Tribe the Nefa’farians. They have ruled over the people of Nefa’fara for thousands of years. Only the Vampires of the Tribe hold political office, or title in these lands. Those that wish to do so must be turned, and forego all other political ties. Only the Blood born vampires of the Nefa’farian tribe rule here. This State is stepped in Traditions, and culture predating the empire. Several Mum’erella covens have homes based inside the state who have ancient alliances with the Nefa’farian tribe. The Mortals in these lands are respected but do live as a second class citizens in compared to their masters. The state uses a complex Anecit system for it’s slave class, which allows half the children provide by for a family to be sold to the rulers of the State, They in turn evaluate each child and assign them a role in the state, The slave in turn works off their debt from being sold and then may work to provide their own freedom. 

Ta Vaha’- The state of Tavaha is home to Ta’vahian Vampire tribe. They have long ruled their lands of the south, which varies from the tropical deserts to rolling hills and sands. The Tavaha are large and overtly friendly people, who hide their vampirism behind lavish parties and events. It embrace life and have a very easy sense of going. The Ta’vaha State is broken up into various families, each controlling different areas of the state, inside their state they use a democratic system for government. the heads of the families getting together and voting. As the Tavaha state is largely Desert, it is not as populated as the other states rought 40% of it’s population are gypsies or nomads. Law of the state is very loose, especially to outsiders or non-vampiric people. People who offend or insult the families, simply disappear into the desert. 

RavenCroft: The RavenCroft House, came into foundation by being able to buy the land from the Sha’hazen vampire tribe. Their transaction gave the Sha’hazen premient homes inside their great sorcerer towers, that would be protected by the head of state. The state it’s self is run by a elected government. The state is built on the remines of the oldest parts of all allure. The Ravencroft house is mostly conprized of humans, and some dark elves. of all the states in the empire Ravencroft appers the msot modern. They produce alchemy, and have several grand sprawing cites crafted with the latest of architecture. Ravencroft is most famous in the latest years for it’s patchwork men. these half mortal half constructs, are found every where in the state, they preform all sorts of labored tasks. The ravencroft state keeps it’s secerts on their creation closely guarded. But does export and trade their patchwork men around the world. The state attempts to stay as neutral as possible, while it possesses very little political power, as it’s ecomoical wroth continues to grow. RavenCroft Also house a number of Gladitior like events and games, which it’s parentance complete into to gain work as bodyguards and militray ranks. Mortals accross Allure are draw to it’s games for a chance to see undead blood spilled with out retirbution or law.

McCammon was the first mortal controlled state to be granted to mortals after the Rukarz Tribe’s kingdom was disbanded, McCammon was a master historian, Arch mage from no noble house. He had grather knowledges by traveling the world. He was obsessed with the monsters of the world and their histories. During the Rukarz Regin he had left the Kingdom to come back to summoning an army of undead, spirits, beasts and anything else. many copied his works, he developed a following. He offered to take control of the area in exchange he would create a school of Necromancy and forbidden knowledge, which all could attend. Modernly The State of McCammon is home to the magical university, and a great library. It’s noble and civil guise is cast away for just outside it’s cities and towns lies, all the monsters of the world, call it home. The House McCammon treaties with them giving them safe Haven. The Vampire tribe Sha’hazen, claim home in the state. Mortals are attracted to the state as it is still run by the Desenced of McCammon who are mostly mortal giving them fairly treatmen then most states. 

Brohhemmus: This state has had a history of changing hands from one house to another via violent coup, intense political maneuvering, and strategic assassinations. Being a central location and one of the states run by mortals, Brohhemmus has historically been a high prize for whichever house could wrest control. All of this ended approximately a century ago, a secretive council of ten individuals took control of the state. Their power play was backed by powerful Iron and Silver golem constructs as well as the backing of the most powerful merchant houses in the area. Their control became undeniable, those who stood against them publicly oft quickly recanted their statements, or simply had accidents. No one knows who the actual council members are, only that they appear cloaked and masked. The council rules the state with an iron grip. They have only one high law, Do not interfere with Trade. Doing so is the highest crime. Since then Brohhemmus has stabilized and become one of the most profitable states in Allure. Anything can be purchased there should you have the coin, just remember to pay the fees and purchase the proper licenses. *Brohhemmus sits upon the ruins of ancient battlefields and shattered fortifications, the remains of a once mighty Korrighan Kingdom, long since vanished. Aside from the relentless pursuit of trade, the old Korrighhan mines have begun to produce precious metals and gemstones, rumor has it this wealth is how the council wrested control. *It is known, that occasionally one of the councilmembers will change, a new shape beneath the robe, a new voice behind the mask. To question this in public is to invite ruin, what is said in their secretive meetings is unknown.

Usher ( State Rulers: Vincent Usher) The house of Usher took over the failing state that belonged to the Vampire tribe Noustivan, the Noustivans treated with the humans, there they would pay the Noustivan’s tribute in return for ownership and government of their state. The state of Usher is of dark and twisted forests, dense woodlands, and rich mines; the natural resources long unused by the Noustivan tribe. Quickly the State became a forefront for industrial production as it’s lumber and ore fueled. Usher also reached out to other countries and opened lines of trade, some of which in the past were not willing to deal with the Undead, but will trade with mortals. Usher controls most of the ship building, and major lumber production, and exports for Allure. The State is Usher is home to many humans, glitches, ghouls and vampires who over the years have learned to live in peaceful balance with each other. This is the youngest House, has a bit of stigma from the other Houses, as they are building rapidly and throwing wrenches into some of the longer term goals. They don’t mind the use of slaves, as they have lots of need of labor to make use of their resources. Drugs (alchemy with a drawback, hangover effects, good slowly stops, bad ramps up), 

Har’drun- State Ruler(s): Coven of Har’drun. The Mum’rella state of Hardrun is home to House Har’Drun, which is made up of several allied Mum’rella covens mostly focused on the elements of Earth and Fire. Within the state are a handful of active volcanoes, which allow the Mum’rella to fund their magical studies through the creation of special metals and glass and other magically attuned materials. House Har’drun prefers their privacy, and they protect their borders well. The Mum’rella have a tendency for taking what they want, and so healthy mortal sons and daughters of Hardrun citizens are often recruited young and placed in important roles within the state. The Mum’rella do not actively practice this tradition, however, and instead treat their citizens with care in order to keep them happy and healthy, and their loyalty natural. Mortal life in Hardrun is considered pleasant and well-balanced, with everyday needs provided equally, and even annual competitions for grand prizes that stimulate the economy. Crime is not common in Hardrun. Even the slaves are treated better.

Akal’andir- State Ruler(s): High Lady Ness’at and High Lord Bruutis of House Akal’andir. Akal’andir is believed to be the most beautiful state in the Allurian Empire, complete with warm, white beaches along its coast, and lush green forests around towering mountain peeks. House Akal’andir is comprised of allied houses who are attuned to Air and Water. Within its 10 major cities, life in the state of Akal’andir is quite nice. The cities are well defended, and the law is kept in balance by the elementally infused death knights created by Mum’rella masters. Citizens of Akal’andir are expected to give their first born child to the Mum’rella covens, some to be servants, some to take on important state roles, and the rare few who will increase the population of Mum’rella by receiving the gift themselves. The safety and wealth provided by the order of their masters prevents the citizens from complaining about this practice. Outside of the ten states, however, life is ruthless, rugged, and dangerous. The poor or disorderly are banished from the cities to live in the wilderness or any of the frontier shanty towns of Akal’andir. There is no law and order in these towns, and criminal organizations exist to take advantage of the weak and vulnerable everywhere, hiding from Mum’rella attention as best as they can. If ever the need arises, the covens will heard the decrepit masses together to fill the ranks of slave labor and military fodder. To resist is to be made undead. Akal’andir maintains itself off trade and creation of small magical items. It’s cabals have long unlocked secrets of producing such items and has done so for over an thousand years. These trade crafts which are now taught to servants of the cabals. It’s jewelry and wears are wanted by both the sorcerers and nobles across the world.

Sh’lau Dra: ( State Ruler: His supremessness the Dread Lich Sh’lau dra and his assicates of the honors House Zantos) This northern cold state has a slang name, the land of the unliving. It is home to two powerful houses. The Zantos vampire tribe and secondly it’s ruler The lich Sh’lau dra. Once this place was part of the elven state Yel’ltha, ages ago with An Elven Sorcerer unlocked the Sercets to Lichhood He turned and attempted to seize power of his home state. unable to win completely, he accept a truce in which he was given a part part of the state, he allied himself with the damned Zantos tribe of Vampires, merged their combin states together. As the nature of the Zantos Tribe to attract mindless undead to them. very few places are safe for mortals to live there. The Zantos tribe maintains small protected villages, to provide feeding grounds for themselves. Sh’lau employs all types and manners of undead. Few Yel’lthla elves were given asylum there as it is there ansectana home. The state itself is a dark cold place, where even the sun is hidden behind unnatural fog and sorcery. Those that live serve Sh’lau dra utterly. Sh’lau dra is rumored to breed all the mortal races like cattle for his experiments. 

Yel’Ithla,( state Rulers: The royal Princes of Yel’lthla) Even before the mortal race of man exsisted, The Elves of Yel’lthla lived here, in the once great kingdom of elves which crossed them globe. Now those days have far past. The Elves that live here have struggled to survive for thousands of years. They follow the old ways of their people. Dispite the waining power of the Yel’lthla people. They long have helped the Allurians, time and time again. Allure is built on their knowledges, sciences and magical arst. The state itself is made up of both Yel’lthla, sometimes known as grey elves and their normal cousins, foriegn elves who seek reconnection with their now distant cousins. The Yel’lthla house a number of schools in their state allowing students from across Allure to come and study from them. Many of the Rulers of the state are mortal and seemingly have extended their elven lives far beyond their normal years by an unknown art. The state is broken down to smaller states which are rules the remains of the ancient elven families. The ruling families of these states are called princes. A number of humans occupy the state employed by the elves to serve and do meigan tasks and labor. The state allows an open practice of religion, and is home to many ancient shrines to the elven deities and the gods of the planes. 

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