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Religion in Allure

Religion is much different in Allure then the rest of the world. The favor of gods holds little interest to the Undead. The unnatural state of undead and their enslavement of mortal beings offends most the gods.

However Not all deities turn away undead that take up their faith. Some of the undead have worshiped the planar beings as a primal force over ages some deities have changed.

Primal Elements: The mumrella have long for worshiped the elements, Often members of their covens take high ranks to create a closer bond with the plane. As such Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Void and Nature may be worshiped by a character will a fitting back ground. They follow what they call the Primal Force of the Element. They will follow the decrees of the deity, however given exception in place that conflict with the goals of their masters covens.

Tarpanrion- Followers of the god of Nature are few and far between in Allure. The death energy that saturates the Empire drives many faithful to nature away, some in fear, and others in the sadness of the loss it represents. There are some, however, who see the darkness as a challenge, a constant battle to keep Allurian nature in balance with the corrupting energies that have taken many of its people. If but a few determined champions can keep the death and shadows from consuming natural life in Allure, than they can perhaps combat the residual damage caused by the creation of so many undead. Allure is sick, they say, but it is not lost.

Seraphina- Followers of the goddess of Life avoid Allure as much as possible. There are few, if any, native Allurians who follow her Decrees. The existence of so many undead in Allure is an affront to Seraphina and only her bravest followers, on some sort of mission or pilgrimage, will venture into the darkness of the Empire to spread the fruits of life and to remove the unnatural undead. Those who make themselves obvious are usually observed for their intentions, as not many who chose to challenge themselves by healing the sick and weary in Allure are also there with the desire or even the skill to kill. Some are simply in the darkness because that is where the light is needed the most.

Mordath- Mordath does not look upon Allure. The god of Undeath, Ke’lik, and the gift he gave to the fearful mortals of ancient Allure came so long before Mordath rose to power that his presence is not welcome. His active beliefs against the undead races of Allure make his followers a more likely enemy to the empire than a friend. The Allurian undead are left to the watchful care of Ke’lik, and Mordath awaits any Allurian souls that make it to his domain without interfering with the followers of his counterpart. Missionaries of Mordath are welcomed with the highest scrutiny, especially when meeting with the greater undead citizens of its states.

Tarsus- Followers of Tarsus love it in Allure. Though they express an obsessive love for life, they understand the undead masters of the empire and their desire to strive for survival. Undeath isn’t death, but a continuation of life in the most desperate compromise a person can make.

Ya’el- The Bringer of Light is shunned from Allure, but his followers often see that as a challenge by the “undead plague” they seek to eliminate. If a follower of Ya’el is in Allure, they must be cautious and secretive about it or risk their lives to enemies in the shadows.
Kaiah: Kaiah is Worshipped much differently is Allure. Kaiah is seen as the Patron god of vampires. She is not widely worshipped, but she is widely respected by a number of vampires. It is her oldest followers claim that Kaiah has taken a number of Vampires as consorts. Vampires Thralls and their servants many worship Kaiah and use these transgression instead.

1. Taking an over excess life for the joy of killing is against Kaiah’s teachings.
2. Refusing to hunt or fight for a worthy cause is against Kaiah’s teachings.
3. Surrender to capture in battle is against Kaiah’s teachings, and is considered a high crime. The 
wise hunter knows when to fall back.
4. To turn away from a challenge is to go against Kaiah’s teachings.
5. Hunting, stalking and killing something that cannot defend itself or is unworthy prey is against 
Kaiah’s teachings.

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