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History of Allure

During the Age of Strife, 3000 years ago, a race of magically infused shape-shifters known as the Xelphin arose on the continent called Allure. Whether Allure is their original place of creation, no one can say. They possessed innate powers over mind magic, combined with their natural brute strength, which allowed them to subjugate and enslave other races. They had a desire for domination, but their race lacked the numbers to contest with the Dragons and Titans that claimed much of the land for their own.

Unable to organize the unruly warmongering Orcs, and too cautious to risk enslaving the wise Elven allies of the Dragons and Titans, who had recognized the evil in the Xelphin long before, they searched for weaker species to manipulate. They soon discovered the primitive race of humans, hiding in caves and still unable to use fire. They took the humans as slaves, kept them in pits, and bred them in great numbers to be taught to fight and make weapons. Within 50 years, the Xelphin had an army of nearly one million human slaves. Now, what they lacked against the Dragons and Titans in magical ability and physical strength, they made up for in sheer numbers.

They marched into the world from their hidden strongholds, a massive army unlike any Allure had ever seen. They moved south, crushing the untamable Orcs, and then to the north, where the elves made their home. But the elves had foreseen the danger the Xelphin presented. Many of them fled the continent, leaving the mages of Yel’lthla to defend their cities with massive magical barriers. They fought to breach the elven strongholds for days, months, years, and decades. Nearly one hundred years passed. Frustrated, the Xelphin forces divided and some returned south to take advantage of the newly surfaced race of Korghan, but the orcs were already launching a counter-invasion.

So the Xelphin demanded more slaves to be bred, and their numbers were redeployed to compensate. As the Xelphin separated from each other for their long and bloody campaigns, they began to grow greedy and self-serving. The Orcs were defeated again, several Titans slain, and the Korghan retreated to their keeps. To deal with the Elves, the Xelphin commanded their slaves to build massive walls around the barriers, imprisoning them within their own defenses. 

Never had the world seen the loss of so many lives in such a short time, and the final stroke of it’s creation was about to be painted in blood: With their victories won, the Xelphin turned on each other. As to exactly why the fighting started, none can for sure say. It is assumed that the further the Xelphin got away from each other the more selfish they became. Now the human slaves were turned on each other; thousands died every day. Most mortals do not want to die. As they feel death closing in, they grasp for air and they wish to not die with all their will. Millions of mortals willing and wishing brought something into being, an entity who defied death, a god of undeath. Ke’lik was god of the mortals, the breaker of the Cycle.

During the wars, human slaves had learned elemental magic from their masters and they were in tune with the elemental planes of Ith. The most trusted human mages of the Xelphin despised their masters for sending their kin to commit wholesale slaughter against other humans. Seeking a way out, these humans became aware of Ke’lik’s creation and searched for him. They bargained with their new god for power, to bring about the death of the Xelphin. So Ke’lik breathed diseases of death into their bodies, creating undead. These new undead were not stable and their bodies began to rot away. These human wizards fortified their bodies with the magical power of the elements to contain their undeath, until finally they were stable enough to survive the blessing. 

And so the Mum’rella, They Who Walk with the Elements, were created. The Mum’rella wasted no time in learning the spiritual magic from Ke’lik, and created undead armies of vast power. These lesser undead marched side by side with freed slaves against the armies of the Xelphin. With the new threat of extermination, the remaining Xelphin quickly gathered together, focusing their mental powers on controlling their slave armies. As only mages or those directly in tune with elementals could be transformed into the Mum’rella, the freed human tribes found they needed something else to be able to fight, or they would fall to the mental persuasion of the Xelphin one again.

One leader from each of the ten most prominent human tribes went to the peaks of the dark and twisted mountains, where Ke’lik had made his home. They asked their god to make them deadly killers, so they could stalk and hunt down the Xelphin. Ke’lik gave to them his blood and they drank from it deeply, and the race of vampires were born, immortal creatures of the night. The 10 tribes went back and share the gift of blood with many of their tribesmen. The army of the undead descended on the stone temple fortresses of the Xelphin, and one by one they fell and were crushed. The temples burned day and night with black magical fires, purging the Xelphin from the face of Ith. Towards the end of the Xelphin extermination, the Xelphin attempted to contact the Elves to barter for passage to one of the magical planes, but they would lend no aid. It was said that some Xelphin attempted to flee by ship, but the black shadows of the vampires hunted them.

All that remained were the blackened stone temple fortresses, built on the backs of slaves. The war had cost them much, and the new undead quickly started to fully learn the extent of their powers and their curses. Vampires, no longer able to gorge themselves on their enemy's armies, struggled to learn to control, while the Mum’rella grappled to contain their own magical diseases that still ate away at their bodies. None could say what happened to Ke’lik. He vanished to shadows and darkness. While some of his children hunted him, seeking answers for his curses he had left on their races, others accepted the price they paid for freedom and went home to their tribes to build a new life.
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In the North, the Tribes sent help to free the Elves of Yel’Ithla, they found what shocked them some of the elves were alive and had done terrible things to stay that way. The elves thanked the humans and undead by sharing their knowledge with them. For a while peace reigned, however some soon grow thirsty for power.

The vampires consider the Mum’rella brothers and allies, but the tribes had slight to opposing points of view as to who should rule among themselves. This led to 50 years of war between the vampire tribes, this is a bleak age for the vampires, and none speak of it’s events, it is known that 2 of the tribes no longer exist. The outcome of this war was that the vampires, created their own law among themselves, which all the Tribes swore to uphold.

Finally things started to be at peace, or so it seemed when the Korrighan returned. They came seeking almost 200 years late revenge for Xelphin, where they were meet by undead and humans. The Korrigan burst from their long forgotten strongholds in the mountains, ready for full scale war, they saw the undead as vile creations of the Xelphin. 

Unlike the Xelphin they had faced before, the Korrighan were a highly militarized culture, that went to war with siege weapons, Korrighan battle mages, with a highly trained well armored troops. While the undead alliance was lethal it lacked the organization of central leadership, or even direction communication with one another. At the head of the Korrighan offense lead were the Demi Titan’s, the last true descendants of the Titans. Terribly powerful, they sought vengeance for the deaths of their forefathers at the hands of the Xelphin. Yet alone the Demi Titans wielded the titan weapons of their forefathers.The Korrighan crushed all nearby new built cities of the undead. Had the Korrighan pushed the offense after their initial conquest, they might have been able to purge all of Allure of undeath. However, Korrighan prefered to attack and then fall back to the safety of keeps and fortresses while their troops refreshed and re-armed themselves. 

In this time, the Eldest of the Mum’rella, and the most arcane of the Vampires, began to experiment with undeath magics and the creation of undead far beyond just the mindless, soulless hordes of zombies. From the Far North the Vampire tribe Ru’karz, had not initially engaged in defense, instead, they infected a large number of their willing human populace with vampirism, making a new breed of half living ghouls. From the middle tribes, both the mounted elite troops of the Von Dornians from the east the strict shield walls of the Melalcules, all came to the stop the outslaught. While the Rukarz supplied a legion of Ghoul troops, The Melalcules tribe had studied the warfare learned from their elven Allies, and learned to construct their own siege weaponry. 

Entering the 6th year of the war, the undead baited the Korrighan far from the safety of their walls and unleashed their new creations and organized forces. The oldest of the Vampires and Mummies faced the Demi Titans, some of them in single combat. Finally the undead forces won, and the Korrighan routed. Then the long war truely began. The undead stuck in at their fortresses, like a deadly infection, and the Undead alliance, now thirsty for vengeance, slowly brought more and more troops no matter the cost of lives. The corpses were now animated into newly crafted skeleton warriors; powerful warriors were turned into proto-deathknights and failed mages were born anew as ghastly Wraths. The undead grew and grew into a vast horde, and mile upon mile of troops marched on the Korrighan, forcing a slow retreat back to their kingdoms, as fortress outpost after outpost was crushed. Finally the Korrighan were sealed into their Titan forged homes of citadels of stone and steel imbedded deep into mountainsides.

This did not stop the undead. They took to tearing down the outer walls. It was over 4 years before they breached the inner city. Vastly outnumbered a 100 to 1, the Korrighan’s valor had no effect, most were slaughtered wholesale and merely ⅙ of their populace fled to their innermost, and last, fortress deep underground. It was then when the Undead stopped and the Vampires and Mum’rella meet, and granted the remaining Korrighan mercy. They arranged a surrender between surviving Korrighan and the Korrighan Kingdom to the south. The defeated Korrighan there were to be exiled from their mountain fortress, after it’s disassembly. The undead made the Korrighan demolish, stone by stone, their homeland. 

Now the undead had mighty armies at their feet, during the war they had re-expanded their reach far and wide across their continent. 

The powerful house quickly realized they had no government to fall back on, while the leaders of the various house and tribes had formed a War Council, nothing else had been formed, and with no enemies in sight. 

Vampire tribe Ru’karz, still had a massive army everywhere, and thus purpose the lands be split up and ruled under a central leadership, with each territory, and a single King of their clan would be placed in charge. Now wether they simply grabbed power or politically moved to make this possible, is highly debated among Historian. What is a fact is that Ru’karz, created a government, and appointed a mortal as it’s king. 

Entering into the Age of Magic

This was a time of rebuilding and growth. 

In the center of the Kingdom, The construction of a great city was built, order and trade established itself as sides politically vied for power with one another.

The Mum’rella, general consolidated their power into two great covens, one of Primarily of Earth and Fire and the other of Water and Air. 

For nearly 400 years the Kingdom of Ru’karz, stood strong, yet long over due tensions and political drama had started to slowly bleed the Kingdom. In a dramatic series of events, the Ru’karz vampire tribe was pressured to remove itself from power; they responded with force, breaking vampiric law, executing outspoken culprits. Ultimately this moved back fired and all the remaining vampire tribes, engaged with in shadow warfare slowly tearing the Kingdom apart. Nearly half their government officials and nobles had been murdered, when the States started to secede from the kingdom. While the Ru’karz raised an army, unable to invade any one of the rebel states since that would leave them open for attack from another.

The vampire tribes raised their own armies, swelled with ranks of mortals citizens of the kingdom who had long suffered for generations under the Ru’karz rule. The two armies met outside the Ru’karz captial. Each army unwilling to commit first move on the field. A single Vampire of tribe Nostivan Challenged the opposing general to a duel. The Vampire Named Rauth stood before both armies claiming to have spoken to the God of the Dead, and that he was their to slaughter the Ru’karz for their crimes against the children of their lands. The Ru Karz’s army champions were slaughtered in one-on-one combat against Rauth. Despite their champions being bested the Ru’karz army refused to quit the field nor would they commit to battle. While the Vampire tribe’s army held it’s distance. That evening a group of Vampires from various tribes, infiltrated, and brutally murdered and ashing out nearly all of the ruling Rukarz family. At dawn the Rukarz army, now nearly leaderless, was charged. The parts of it that were not destroyed fled or surrendered. 

The Ru’karz tribe’s lands and wealth were nearly all by taken from them, and they were left.

A new form of government was established, which broke the kingdom into 13 states, each self controlled, They agreed that councils would be formed to meet regularly to communicate and keep the peace between the states.

During the End of the Age of magic, an Elven arch-death mage of the Yel’Ithla, invented the process of creating lichhood. The process seemed too vile to his own people and he was exiled from their state.

Foundation of the empire

Orc raiders from the far west began a series of naval raids, unknowing broke into Mum’rella Crypt removing artifacts, fleeing the wrath of the undead, they retreated to the East, back to their own Island kingdom hundreds of miles from the Allurian coast 

The Mum’rella demanded war, as they over years had honored alliances to all the other states and shared their discoveries with their undead brothers, none could say no. 

A large fleet would need to be raised, not trusting each other, the states placed a mortal in charge of the war effort. The mortal was Reikhard Calland, an experienced military commander; he was given troops, ships, and magical support. He quickly went to war, knowing that any major mistakes would mean his death. He won a series of initial victories, gaining momentum and pressing the Orcs, who’s race’s own love for battle drove them to counterattack, and even launch attacks on Allure itself. The Orcs moved faster than the undead and proved worthy opponents. 

During a battle, Reikhard’s leadership was quested and he executed a vampire noble who did so. The Orcs began to call the Allurian fleet the undead empire. Reikhard encouraged this. Finally the Allurian forces had won enough battles to attack the Island continent were these raiding orcs made their home. Reikhard distributed order that at all times in dealing the enemies they should. Reikhard petitioned the Allurian forces for an elite guard of his own, loyal only to him before he would storm the beaches of the island fortress. 

Unknown to all the Houses, his orders were processed by faceless political nobles, who made requests on behalf Reikhard for the various components. Born were the dreadguard, supplied with the finest weapons and armor produced by all of Allure, their bodies magically altered by covens of the Mum’rella. Most of all, their minds were magically altered so that they were unwaveringly loyal to Reikhard himself. Reikhard and his dreadguard stormed the beaches, leading the charge of the amassed Allurian Fleet, assaulting the fortresses of the orcs, backed by a grand army made up of troops from all states. Yet the Orc warlord was no fool and had sent his shaman to gather the strength of all the elementals and the power of the plane of Life to stop the attacking Forces. 

The resulting battle was nothing short of epic. Both sides battled fiercely the orcs unwilling to give ground, against the never ending onslaught of undead. Finally the Orc shaman turn the artifacts of the elements they had stolen against the undead. This angered the Mum’rella Beyond rage, they tapped deep into their forbidden lores of the ages. They attacked the Island directly making volcanos erupt from its core, maelstroms, and gael winds tore into the island. The magical assault started to break the very core of the island apart. Despite this neither side would give up. The mass chaos cleared a direct path to the Orc warlord, and Reikhard played his final hand, he had in secret put together a full 100 man company of vampires, creatures of the dark, and trained them together. These supernatural legion breached deep into Fortress, slaughtering all that would oppose them, just as pieces of the island began to fall into the ocean the finally battle took place, of all the Legion that went in, only a handful survived they returned to their fleet drenched red in blood. Victorious, the Allurian forces removed themselves from the island watched as the massive island fortress fell into the sea, as the remaining orcs attempted to swim or leave for safety, the Allurians cut them down.

On returning to Allure, Reikard called a council of all the ruling families. He declared himself emperor of Allure, in return each of the states would run and govern itself. The states agreed, since the victory over the orcs was due to a central leadership. Reikard crude pointed out that any one of the states could easily removed him from power. The States placed a condition that Reikard would stay mortal, for the term of his rule. 

This started a long chain of Mortal Emperors, some ruled better than others, some ruled long and others very short. 

The Emperors established the Dreadguard as a force that served only the Emperor. Over the ages they became suited to the job of ruthless enforcers, powerful enough to enforce the Emperor's rule over the undead. Some Emperors attempted to restart old wars.

During the Age of Man:
After decades of work several other states were turned over to mortal members. Under Emperor Phreos, Allure invades the would-be Talar, his motives are unclear. Both the elves and the orcs who have relations with the fledgling country move to assist. A number of undead secrets and Necromancy are lost all over Talar as the small invasion force flees to prevent world scale war. Generally this invasion is seen as the direct result of the world wide use of death magic and undead.

During the age of chaos:

Vampire houses engage in a long war with one another, lastly nearly the age of chaos, Other houses are pulled in. Mum rella send large force to Titanus to expansion, local Ogres do not take kindly and full scale war erupts. While the vampire houses in engage with one another, War Drags on a number of years. The current Emperor is removed from office for inability to solve either problems. His youngest estranged son takes the mantle of the emperor at the age of 16. The Vampire war boils down, another vampire house loses it’s state to a mortal noble Ravencroft. The Red Legion is reformed and sent to Titanus, after 3 years of fighting they emerge victorious .

Age of unification:
The current Emperor gains more, power he is turned into a Lich, by unknown parties. At first their attempts to control him fail; the Dreadguard are now 500 men strong, and they impose his will. The whole Empire freezes in place as all the states wait to see what the others will do. Tensions rise over the next 20 years, all interstate travel and commerce grind to a halt, armies and forces are gathered. A demonic Invasion takes place in the heart of the Empire, the old capital of the emperor is torn down in a single night, but the Emperor escapes alive. The states hesitate to deploy, finally the commander of the Red Legion attacks the demons single handedly. His courage inspires others, and soon all states are pulled into the war, which lasted less than a month. 

The capital is rebuilt and the government is restructured; the Cabals are formalized. The new capital is named the Requiem, and each state is given land there.

Talar ships attack a slave raiding ship from Allure, Talar offer no apology or compensation, and tensions rise. During a meeting a human noble from Talar insults the Emperor. Allure moves against Talar, they infiltrate the political system by turning several lesser nobles into vampires they can control. They undermine Talarian economy and devalue their currency, reducing stability. The current King of Talar Dies, leaving two sons; Allure sets them up to fight each other. While Talar is weakened from internal war, Allure Invades. However not all of allure is drawn into war; most states send the minimum of troops or refuse to deploy at all. Poor commanding and organization of the armies cause Allurian troops to attack too fast or too successfully and drive deep into the heart of Talar, stringing themselves out. The spearhead is cut off from supplies and reinforcements as Talarian forces rally and stop the invasion. In hindsight, it is speculated that the State houses wanted to teach the Emperor a lesson, and undermined the success of the invasion. The Emperor exhausted Allure’s treasury on war.

Age of reckoning: 
The Age of Reckoning hit Allure very differently the Talar. Allure was in a economic depression after the failed invasion. When Ancient One forces revealed themselves and began to attack, they did not fare well. Undead, by their very nature, are resistant to the mind control or offers of power and the mental corruption offered by the Ancient Ones. Ancient One forces also expected to find a weakened and defeated Allurian military awaiting them. Lastly, the Ancient One forces targeted gods and the heralds. Most of Allure doesn’t follow the gods or invoke their powers. Long had the world forgotten about the full wrath of the joined forces of the undead. The Ancient Ones were crushed whole in a matter of months in Allure. The Ancient one war for Talar was not going as well. Talarian, Elven and Orc forces fared not nearly as well. The Elves came and spoke with their lost cousins of the Yel’Ithla house. The Yel’Ithla, who had been long neutral in the political fights of Allure, and so had become allies to many of the other Houses, asked for help. Allure began to send supplies and small units to help in skirmishes. 

There were a series of events which unfolded, which in return would turn the tide of the war. There was a closed door meeting called between several Houses and the Emperor. An Ancient One god itself manifested and attacked. the city was covered in blackness, but the attempted assassination of the Emperor failed. The Emperor declared an alliance with Talar (for the length of the war at least) and Allure joined the war, helping turn the tide.

Since the Age of reckoning:

Allure’s wartime alliance with Talar has ever grown in small steps towards an actual truce. Trade has opened up between the two more regularly. In the north of Allure in the last 15 years a section has broken away of freed slaves forming the Free Republic of Rynn. These rebels are mortals. To help their truce and trades, Allure’s government has taken a slightly more reformed approach in many of its states, allowing slaves to buy their own freedom. The term slave is often replaced by indentured servant. 

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