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Laws of the Empire of Allure

All of the empire will follow the orders of the emperor 
All the of the empire will not blasphemy or disregard the empire,or the Emperor 
All of the Empire will respect nobles of their rank and follow orders given to them by those in station above them
All of the empire will respect the laws of their states and laws of the empire
Undermining the structures of law and order of the Empire is Treason
All those who worship will must register with agents of the emperor 
Citizens may not take a life without approval of the emperor or his agents
IN times of war all those who are able and not in service must serve 
destruction of the dead is forbidden without just cause
None may judge a vampire but his tribesfolk, vampiric law and traditions of the past will be honored as if decered by the Emperor himself
None may trespass or take from the realms of the Mum’rella without their permissions. Those that due are subject to their traditions.
None may alter or flee a state while charged with a crime or wanted
All bodies of the non noble, not belonging to any worth house, or order, belong to the empire
Only those of rank may bring charges against those of equal rank, those that bring charges shall not be frivolous or waste the empire time. or used be subject to punishment 
Rulings of the state will be respected unless direct order of the emperor or his agents.. 
Shifting form or shape is forbidden without permission of the Emperor or his agents 
None may wear the color the the Emperor, or his cabals with out his will. 
The use of the School of light magic is expressly forbidden without permission of the Emperor or his agents

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