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Racial Interactions in Allure

Humans- They’re everywhere. Mortal humans thrive all over Allure. In areas of undead rule, many humans are considered especially important and are often given station to serve their undead masters with their diversive capabilities and ability to adapt. Many mortal humans strive for power to live alongside their undead peers rather than beneath them. However in some states humans serve as slaves servants and livestock. 

Elves - Elves tend to fit into Allure rather well. There are elves native to Allure, whom seem a different breed from their cousin. Over the years many elves have made their way to visit the land. Most normal elves find Allurian practices rude or vile. Those that can stomach or ignore this fact can find Allure fascinating for its years of culture, history and arcane knowledge. Elves tend to be treated with more respect then most the other races in allure and often find themselves holding higher social standing. 

Fae - Most fea tend to stay away from allure, they can feel it’s dark and twisted nature. Much of the natural world has been abused or corrupted. The population of young and excitable fae is significantly less than in Talar. What few fae that visit or live in Allure tend to be less naive and innocent, either due to prolonged existence in the mortal realm and advanced age, or the aspect they represent is conducive to existence in Allurian society. Most fae avoid Allure because of their own history with the Xelphin, when they fled from the shapeshifters’ territories to protect their magical secrets from would-be captors. Not to mention it is a well known fact that Fea blood is known to be a delicacy to vampires. Despite all this some fea brave the darkness of allure in hopes of making it a better place.

Dark Fae - Many dark fae tend to find life in Allure to be easier than other nations of the world. Out of paranoia, they still keep their numbers to a reasonably low population so as not to draw too much attention, while they stick to slums and shadows to benefit from the weak and easily manipulated.
Shades- Shades have long been welcome in allure. While in other parts of the world Shades are prejudiced against, in allure they have been welcomed with open arms. Shades have lucky all but escaped the social confines that most allurians deal with. It is consider bad luck to enslave a Shade. They are able to travel safely through most of allure provided they obey laws.

Orcs - Orcs remember little of the past and due to orcs pain tolerance makes them poor slaves. In some places they are bred as warriors. Orcs travel Allure as Mercenaries find their loves of war fits fight into a place with constant struggle. Orcs care little for the complex politics of the land and have a hard time gaining rank in the noble houses. However they are well known orc vampires, Mum rella and liches.

Minotaurs - Allure’s hatred of the beastal and change extends to minotaurs. Adult minotaurs are too dangerous to be kept as normal servants or slaves. Some noble houses have had success in breeding the minotaurs and treat them as dangerous pets, creating invisable shackles of loyaylity and honor to control them. Few native Minutoars in Allure are nomadic and live in tight tribes or large clans, where they can watch out for each other and keep slavers from taking advantage of their young or weak.
Ogre- have only been able to travel to Allure, well recent by allurian standards. For generations magical vortexes and storms surrounded titanus. IN the last 500 years the storms have subsided enough to allow travel there. Ogres have yet to gain footing in allure and often are employed as bodyguards and mercary work. Few orges travel in small groups attempting to regain much of the lost knowledge of their titan forefathers.

Dryads/Satyrs - Reclusive creatures, they avoid heavily populated areas for the most part due to fear of capture and slavery. They are more likely found in small villages near wooded areas and in the wilderness where they can remain the most connected to the balance of nature. They tend to be wary of “civilized folk” because the hearts of mortals are easily corrupted. Many Satyrs are often mistaken for changed and treated as such. They are very untrusting of all undead, as their very existence takes them out of the natural cycle of life and death, thus disrupting the balance of nature. Few Travel the lands healing nature where they can, or seeking to reclaim lost treasures of the nature folk. 

Dendrytes - Most dendrytes have left allure, it’s place too far gone for most of them to live there. Corruption and death of nature is a serious threat in the forests of Allure due to the residual effects of the death energies and horrible wars. Those that have stayed have adapted to liveing in such a harsh place. Some of them have turned in to monstrous assassins hidden the deepest woods of Allure.Dendrytes’ constant vigil against the unnatural undead has made them hard and untrusting. They are often devoted to strengthening themselves against potential corruption to better defend their groves and forests without danger to themselves. They are very untrusting of all undead.

Glytches - no political power centers, considered by the government to be the same as humans
Trolls - Trolls remain fairly solitary creatures in Allure, and avoid heavily populated areas even more-so than in Talar due to the bizarre confusion their existence causes. Many Allurians believe that Trolls are a form of changed, and are therefore untrustworthy and belong in servitude where they can be monitored and controlled. Their physical qualities make them adept at many tasks that are otherwise too dangerous for other indentured servants.

Korghan - The Korghan find allure a lost and forgotten place. Those Native remember their crushing defeat at the hands of the undead thousands of years ago. Many of these broken korghan had found a way to live. Other korghan are drawn to Allure, seeking to reclaim lost treasures, artifacts, lore and history of their people lost ages ago. 

Changed - Changes are slaves and one in allure in some states the are treated as house pets, well taken care of , in other states their are slaves and forced to to their master’s bidding. Only two types of changes many have escaped this

Dragon Changed - The Allurian masters know better than to offend the Dragon, and thus the draconic descendants that still live are not consider to be changed, rather as honored dragon kin. This applies to Lizardmen and the saruan as well.

Bat changed - Bat changed are honored by the tribes of the vampires. Vampire lore tells of a single Xelphin who freed slaves and attacked his brothers he took the form of a bat. His name never known. Many vampire tribes believe that the bat-changed are naturally attuned to the forces of life and death in Ith. They are seen as good luck signs when they appear.

Shifted - Shift find an odd place in allure, they vary greatly in social stasis which much rather depends on the individual rather then the shifted type.. There are a large number of the populace of allure we have been slightly magical altered by their constant exposure to death magic. Some shifted are treated as changed, others powerful wizards who had altered their form to gain more power.

Touched - Over all their tend to be less touched in allure then in most places.. Given allure’s relation with religion and the gods. Most of secretive about their touch from a god. It is more common in allure for the Touched to be a curse of those who have offended a deity.

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