Getting Started


Writing a Background

The Realms of Conflict has what we call “open world content.”  This means that our players can help us build the world, and should feel free to invent and add to the world’s setting and background. This allows players massive freedom during character creation. Most players come to us with some gaming experience and will be able to fill in their own character background, but help is available from other players and from Plot if needed. Before going into play, all backgrounds must be approved by Plot, and no character can enter game without an approved background. Yes, this means you must write a background before starting play. Written backgrounds should be at least half a page in length.

Despite the open world content, there are some restrictions on backgrounds, most of which fall within the purview of common sense. Don’t claim outrageous power or political rank…no princes, princesses, or evil warlords in hiding please. Don’t expect Plot to invent reasons for your character to stick around.

You can submit your background to our plot team at The Plot Team is also available to assist if you need help with your background.

From here, we can look at

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         Building a Character


          PC Vs. NPC

         Spending Experience

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