Getting Started


How to Build a Character

Want to get started ?  First, all you need is a character concept, which is the character you want to play.  Then read the rules.  Yes the rule book looks big and scary but trust us, it’s not really that bad.  There is only a small set of rules you must know.  There is a lot to do in our game, and so, there are a lot of things pack into the rules.

Pick a race– We have a lot of different and some unique races in our world.  Check them out.  Most of our races have costume requirements for playing them.  This is so that other players can easily identify you, and you can identify them.  If you want to play the part, you must look the role.

Start to build a character-

1)    Get your experience point total from Plot. New players start with 100 points plus a local character adjustment. Returning players may start with more points, depending on their previous involvement.

2)    Figure out your background. Your skill and attribute selections should shape and be shaped by your background. To start play, you must submit a written character background.

3)    Pick your race and decide if you want to be Changed, Shifted, or Touched.

4)    Pick Advantages and Disadvantages, up to 10 points in either. See Game Basics: Character Creation for details on how these are bought.

NOTE:  Some skills can only be quested for in-game, and are not available at character creation. These are marked with grey backgrounds on the points cost sheet.

5)    Pick Physical Attributes. These affect how resistant your character is to damage and effects.

6)    Now, there are many ways you can spend your remaining build. You can focus on one area of expertise, or you can spread it around.

7)    If you want to cast magical spells, pick your caster type (natural, gem, or book), pick your school(s), pick your spells, and do not forget to buy some Mana!

8)    If you want to invoke divine power, pick your god, your rank, and talk to Plot about what gifts you can have.

9)    If you are going to use weapons, buy the damage skill for the type of weapon you’ll use, buy some maneuvers and enough Stamina to use them, and consider either armor or a shield for defense.

10) Finally consider some secondary skill sets like Alchemy and production, or some talents.

Plot and other players can help you build your character. Figuring out a strategy that works for you can be a bit tricky at first, so don’t hesitate to ask!  See us at our Facebook Group and our forums.

From here, we can look at

         Writing a background

         What to bring to an event


          PC Vs. NPC

         Spending Experience

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