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Dark Fae of RoC

Costume and make up requirements: They all must wear wings and have a creative use of makeup including eyeliner. They must have some kind of magical marking on their face to suggest Blood Vine. The marking can change from day to day. DarkĀ Fae tend to dress in dark and gloomy colors. On the whole, Dark Fae are still highly magical creatures and must look as such.

The opposite of the Arcadian Fae, these creatures hail from the twisted realm of Darkadia. All Dark Fae are infected with a magical disease known as Blood Vine. This disease turns the normally light-hearted Fae it infects into twisted parodies of their former selves. They tend to embody concepts, but they are opposites of those of the Fae: death, loss, depression, greed, darkness, decay, storms, addiction, etc. Most Dark Fae worship or associate themselves with the being that embodies Blood Vine, the god Imbolis.

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