Getting Started


Fae of RoC

Costume and make up requirements: They all must wear wings and have a creative use of glitter. They must have some kind of marking on their face with the glitter. The marking can change from day to day. Fae tend to dress in lighter and bright colors. On the Whole Fae are highly magical Creatures and must look as such.

Fae are innate magical creatures from the realm of Arcadia. Those that dwell with mortals often seem alien and strange, with beliefs and behaviors that are often inscrutable. Fae tend to be highly magical and able to interact with and manipulate magic with ease. Almost all Fae tend to be light-hearted and playful with other races and often associate themselves with the nature spirits that share their home of Arcadia. Because of their innate strangeness, mortals often distrust Fae, which typically only prompts the Fae to more enthusiastically strange actions. Fae must embody a concept appropriate to Arcadia. For example: flowers, sunlight, happiness, sharing, and other such abstract concepts.

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