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Glyches of RoC

Costume and make up requirements:  They are packrats by nature so their costumes must represent that. They also carry around large bags, lots of pouches, and tools for their trade. Their costume should generally be more steampunk era than the medieval look of the other races.

Glyches are an enigmatic race of tinkers and inventors. While not nearly as physically powerful as most other races, they typically have brilliant minds and sharp wit. Scholars believe them to be one of the youngest races in Talar, but there are vanishingly few stories or legends that detail their ancestry. Some even believe they are simply a cultural offshoot of Humans or Elves. Their focus on technologies and crafts is so intense that most of them neglect physical prowess. There’s little in the way of political structure in Glych culture, though they frequently form craft or project teams.

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