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In-Game News

November Conjunction

Duke Grievous has requested volunteers to act as emissaries to Allure in order to improve relations between the two nations.

Everything is...well...pretty good right now. The White Wizard's Tower is being rebuilt and has a solid foundation. Fate has stopped being...weird and broken. Farmers are able to farm in relative peace.

That's all the news that is news, I suppose.


August Conjunction

Earthquake Rocks Varros

Trees and structures alike have fallen and crumbled due to the earthquake that seems to have centered in Varros. Several aftershocks have been felt.

Cannibals in the Hills

There was another attack by cannibals in the hills around Varros. They have been dealt with, but not before a family of farmers was killed.

Duke Perfidious Visits

The Duke was in town on Saturday to meet the people of Varros and hear any complaints or concerns . What a great guy


June Conjunction

Allure and Talar Talk Peace

A war that has been on hold since the attacks by the Anceint Ones may be officially over. Representatives from Allure and Talar met in Varros to discuss lasting peace between the nations. We're still waiting on word as to how negotiations went.

Fae Gone Wild

Several fae have been found to be mad for candy, but not just any candy. A fae known as King Cane developed a machine whose purpose is unclear but unimportant as the heroes of Varros have cleared the entire thing up.

A New Threat?

Undead have been spotted in the countryside. They seemed to be coming from a nearby keep belonging to a group calling themselves Blacklight. They claim to be using undead to show the heroes of Varros what wokring with undead will bring.


May conjunction


The elections in Varros have ended. These are the results.

Mayor: Lord Kaiden Arkelos

Sheriff: Fetch

Common Council: Lady Celia Dawn, Bueru, Gowad

Noble Council: Leta Omino, Saeri Galtswyf, Solitaire

Fungus thwarted!

The horrible fungal infection that has been plaguing the area seems to have died out.

What the heck is an aliborana?

A new species of creature, the aliborana, has been found in the area. It seesm to be a mix between an alligator, boar, and piranha. They are violent and not to be kept as pets.


March Conjunction


A group of cannibals was discovered and slain in the hills near Varos. It is unclear if this was an isolated group or if the hills are less safe than we thought.

Disease Spreads

The mysterious fungal disease seems to be getting worse, spreading now all the way to the coast. Will we ever find a cure?

February Conjunction


After two years of relative peace and quiet, Varros is now afflicted with a new plague. Little is known about this sickness, but the Skree seem to have been the first affected.

Varros: Now under new management

Duke Profidius has been gifted with the dutchy that once belonged to Duke Grevix. Neither duke was available for comment.

Mysterious tower fire dying down?

The wizard tower that has been in flames since the War seems to be burning itself out finally. It is unknown if the area has become traversable.


 June Conjunction

 Ice plague worsens.  Some people have been affected.  Symptoms include slowness, frostyness, and brittle bones. 

A race of Spider Changed who call themselves  Skree have recently appeared in the area.  The don’t seem to be hostile, btu claim they were here first.

Dragon in the woods?

Locals have reported sightings of a dragonkin in the woods, much more dragony than well-known Lady Akasha.  Reports vary on its size and nature, so it may be able to change shape.


May Conjunction

Ice plague strikes farmlands around varros.   Plants frozen solid.  Reports of frosty wildlife attacks.

Shadow Beast reportedly no longer an issue.

Double Duke Dinner.  Their Graces Duke Grevix and Duke Wayne visited Varros during a dinner presented by refugee Nezrekin.  There is a possibility of the High Duke’s tournament being held in Varros this year.

Local Cat Changed Bueru has attained avatar rank in the school of life.  Congratulations! 


November 2011 Conjunction

Trouble with Nezreken

Rumors say a Nezreken chieftain was kidnapped and rescued.  Details are difficult to come by.

Kova Tek has been defeated.  It’s unclear if he still lives.

More Nightmares!

Nightmares ran amok for a while, and then it got better.

Of course, we have the brave adventurers of Varros to thank for all of these, and for our continued safety.


September 2011 Conjunction

More toys attacked, The Toymaker must still be out there somewhere

Nezreken are being killed/eaten in their sleep by something large and scaly and it the return of the manaconda?

The Countess Mordarian visited, proving that she is, in fact, still about.

The Wild Hunt came to Varros, two teams battled over the prey and ended in a tie.

The Feast of Bounty was once again uninterrupted.  Citizens were full and happy.

A young fae has vanished and is believed to be in the thrall of Lumia.  Details are unclear at this time.


August 2011 Conjunction

Fire elementals running amok, the air wavering in the heat, the sky looking as though it’s about to ignite, these can only mean one thing.  The Summer of Fire is upon us.  Followers of Vexsar rejoiced as their fiery elemental friends frolicked all around Talar.  There was word of a massive portal to the plane of fire, but it seems to have been taken care of.

A band of ogres has taken up residence nearby.  When asked why, a representative was quoted as saying “You mage?  You mage, we eat you.”

Faralito led a massive assault on Varros.  As usual, the town stands.

What was supposed to have been a battle of constructs turned into a nightmare as Doctor Kiley stole them all for his own nefarious purposes.  Attempts to recover the construct mana cores were successful.

Negotiations continue among the nations of the southlands


July 2011 Conjunction

Citizens of Varros travelled south to determine what happened to the southern outpost of Talaar.  On the way, they were asked to investigate a small village who no one had heard from in a good while.  The Varrosians were greeted by undead who, of course, tried to kill them, but not for the usual reasons.  The town itself was full of horrible corruption which the visitors from Varros put an end to.

Upon reaching the outpost, they found a scene of carnage.  The predominant theory is that people from the village had attacked the outpost, and members of the Seven Swords mercenary crew scavenged the remains.  Everything has been restored to order, and the people of Varros were transported home.


April 2011 Conjunction

Local necromancer Gargn is making use of his death writs.  Want to join his undead horde upon your death?  Sign up today!

Mumeure’s Masquerade goes off without a hitch.

Crazed bunnies hide eggs and attempt to “fix” the local energies.  Thwarted by locals.

Duke Argatron stands trial.  Convicted and sentenced to death.  Now we just have to find him.

Butcher butchered.  Great job, Borsen!

Orcs attack.  Why? 


March 2011 conjunction

Dukes are still duking it out.  Varros has until April to present a solid case, or the town will be prosecuted by a justicar.

Brightdawn...wasn’t bright, but it was fun.

The fae have gifted Varros a banner.  What it does and how to activate it remain a mystery.

Sho returns!

Flux returns!

The uncaca is dead (again).  Whether or not he was the last has yet to be seen.  Hang in there, Thorengard.

Clubs remain a problem.  That’s not news.



Out-of-Game News

June 2012

Welcome to Plot Ryan Thomas (NotCho)!!!


The Realms of Conflict story will be taking a two-year break before the next event on February 1-3rd. Send your downtime for this period ASAP to so our plot team can work with you on getting the most out of your character's break time.


Thanks for the awesome plotting, Dan F., and welcome back to the player base.



RoC South has a new website.  The link on the homepage has been updated.

RoC South Game 6/15-17

Next RoC North Event 7/5-8

It’s a 4 day!



RoC South overnight event June 15-17th

RoC North July event is now a 4 day 5th-8th, Thu-Sun.



2012 dates are posted!

Possible day game Jan 14th or 21st

Next Overnight Event:  Feb 3-5



So Many new players last game!!  Thanks to everyone who came.

Our November event is officially a 4 day Thursday-Sunday



All future RSVP posts will be made on The Forums.  Please sign up if you haven’t yet

Next Event:  8/12-14 Camp Cutter



RoC Rocked Wyrd Con.  Grats to Marcus and Marvin for showing everyone what costumes and props are supposed to look like.  =)



See photos of the masquerade ball here



See the forum and Yahoo Group for information on joining the RoC Marketing team.