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PC vs. NPC

At Roc, there are two different types of character you can play.  You can be a PC (player character) or an NPC (non-player character).  Opinions vary over whether you should spend your first game as a PC or NPC, so we’ll go over the differences and let you decide for yourself.

Player Characters

This is a character you created on your own.  You wrote the backstory and decided how to spend the points.  If you PC, you will play the same character for the entire event and have full control over its actions.  As a new PC, it’s your job to introduce your character to the other characters.   If you play the loner who sits in the corner drinking all day (we drink soda and call it ale), you might not have many chances for character interaction.  PCs pay standard game fees and provide their own costuming and weaponry.

PCs gain experience according to the following chart unless otherwise noted for the event

Current Points total Earned at Overnight Event Earned at Day Event


Non-Player Characters

This is a character handed to you by plot to advance the storyline.  If you are NPCing for the event, you will play many characters, but they will all be created and controlled by the plot team.  You may come in as a noble, drop a piece of useful information, and then come back in a few minutes as a monster bent on the slaughter of every living thing in the town.  Either way, once your character has completed what they were sent into game to do, you must return to plot for a new assignment.  NPCing is free, and they have access to RoC’s costuming and weaponry.  Please treat them nicely and let plot know if anything gets damaged, torn, or broken.

Npcs at an event gain ½ exp (see chart above).

Veteran npcs can earn 3/4. Veteran status is earned by coming to many games, helping, and being experienced with staffing, events, and rules.

Npc Captains earn full exp. NPC captains are those who go all out and help make every event great. They have a good understanding of the rules, staff, and players. They are able to help out new npcs and take charge with encounters. 

NPCs gain quest credits which can be spent on quested and trained abilities.
They gain 200 donation credits.

Additional Exp/rewards can be earned:
Showing up earlier for setup- 1 exp
Staying and helping until site is completely clean - 1 exp
helping with pre-game work - varies! Ask plot each game. This can be making tags, packets, props and costuming, or helping out at plot meetings. 
Each event, every player in their feedback can nominate any npcs to earn up to an additional 2 exp.
Writing a game recap for plot- 1 exp ( NPC feedback)
Any food that npcs buy for themselves, for plot, or to share with other npcs, they can (with plot approval) be given donation credits for.

At the end of each event plot can reward additional quest credit, 200 donation credits or 2 exp as rewards for great npcing.


From here, we can look at

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         Writing a background

         What to bring to an event


         Spending Experience

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