Getting Started


Our Plot Team

Marcus Slawinski: Owner / Plot

Marcus has larped for over 10 years.  He lives in the bay area,  and has been staff/ owner of RoC since 2006.  He was previously head of the plot team and co-wrote the rules with JJ Levine, who also co-owns the game.  He loves story telling and prop/ weapon creation. and enjoys long walks in the woods waiting to jump players.





Jody Morgan: Plot

I’ve been gaming in one form or another for over 2 decades, LARPing for over 15 years, and I’ve been at RoC since 2008. I like to play the serious roles and make people work the brain meats to figure out what I’m doing. I really enjoy deep character storytelling, so I tend to try to find new ways of making players think about their character, and try to get them to evolve their understanding a bit. If a player walks away from our game feeling like they learned something today, that means I won.



Lina Peterson: Plot

Lina has been actively gaming in all forms, and especially LARP, since 2002, and has been immersed in various forms of productions and other reenactments since 2009. Since joining the Plot Team in 2014, she has been focused mostly on bringing more and more realism to LARP through intense role-playing and epic props and costumes to draw players deeper into the fantasy world of Ith.


Derek Sheeman: Plot


Victoria Reve: Plot

My larping career started back in 2002 with Adventures Unlimited and N.E.R.O. before it became Alliance. I have had the pleasure of larping with R.O.C. for roughly 3 years, and plotting with R.O.C. previously until life decided that I was to become a mother... again. I have had the esteemed pleasure of knowing and larping with most of the plot team for roughly over 10 years and to me, they are like family. For me, larping, costume make up, and roleplaying has always been a part of my life in some shape or fashion. I enjoy playing heavy costume and make up intensive characters, characters that are out of the box, and also characters that thrive in heavy combat. I decided to come back to R.O.C. after having my second daughter because for me, the R.O.C. family is a part of my life that always brings back great memories and good times, and I decided to join plot to provide that same experience to all other P.C.s and newcomers. R.O.C. has always been, and will continue to be the best larp ever!


Joe Levine (JJ): Owner

JJ enjoys providing players with a fun and exciting game