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On the character points sheet you will see some skills marked as requiring a quest to acquire. These skills may not be bought at character creation. Characters that do not send in character backgrounds will not be allowed to embark on quests until they do so. If you complete a quest for a skill you do not have points to buy, you must wait until you have enough points to buy the skill in order to use it. It must, in fact, be the next thing you spend points on.

The character must find another character during game able and willing to teach them quest skills. In order to prove worthy, the student must complete the quest specified by the trainer. It is possible to fail a quest, and there are negative consequences to failure. More powerful abilities may require more challenging quests.

A character can typically only quest for 1 skill at a time, but if you’ve been on the same quest for more than 2 games, you can petition to add an additional quest but this may make it harder to complete either quest.

Note: If you quest for your 7th-10th level spells, you need only perform one quest per spell level for a given school. So when you finish your quest for 7th level Fire, you may buy both 7th level Fire spells.



Some slots on the character points sheet are marked as requiring in- game training to acquire. These abilities and skills cannot be purchased without satisfying some kind of pre-condition. This can be finding an instruction manual, or a recipe, or simply finding someone who knows the ability. Plot must approve any addition of a trained ability to your character sheet. If you wish training in a skill, notify Plot when you RSVP for an event. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get the training, but the chances improve if you make sure to ask… and if you make sure to expend some in-game effort to find the trainer. Unlike quests, you can undertake multiple training efforts at once.

From here, we can look at

         Writing a background

         What to bring to an event

         Building a Character

         PC Vs. NPC

         Spending Experience

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