Getting Started


Quick Start Guide

This document is intended for those who have a basic knowledge of RoC and LARPs but have never played.  For more detailed information, please see the New Player Guide or the RoC Official Rulebook.

Getting Started – The first thing to figure out is what role you want to play. This can mean anything from a town guard / military type, healer, mage, skirmisher, or ‘dungeon technician’ / rogue. Or perhaps you are something not on this list – RoC allows you to build your character any way you like, there is no archetype system, though there are typical, focused starting builds.

For new characters it is recommended you begin as something basic, and work your way up to a hybrid or custom build. The goal is usually for you to be effective early, and work your way to a more complex character based on your role play during game.

Background – come up with a plausible background. For your first character, it is highly recommended you not do anything too fancy with it. For example, being hunted as a heretic by a gang of assassins may sound entertaining, but it probably won’t be for long unless you have some serious backup. Character death is a real danger within RoC, don’t make it too hard for yourself early. You can always find out new things about your character’s background through game play.

Points – All characters currently start out with around 150 build points, with some exceptions.

Building a Character: The only thing recommended for every character is to have at least one magic resist. Beyond that, you have free reign – but you should focus on a single area, like ‘do as much damage as possible’ or ‘block with a shield really well’ or ‘cast as much of a spell school as possible’.

Typical builds: Every build should get magic resist 1 to start, and choose a race that compliments its style.

Shield line fighter: shield block 8+, +2 damage (expert) in a weapon type, toughness 10, fortitude 2, maneuvers 2+ in a weapon type, stamina 2+

Skirmisher: same, but swap dual wield for block and get more stamina

Mage: wizardry 6, universal spells 6, primary spell school knowledge and spells up to 6, flux attunement 2, the rest in mysticism

Healer: Same as mage but focus on life or nature magic (life is a pure healer; nature is more of a hybrid)

Improvisation – There are many, many calls in the game, too many to know the first few times you play. Instead of trying to memorize everything instantly, just be ready to improvise when you hear a call. For example, if someone hits you and says ‘knockback’, act like something knocked you backwards.

The most important rule in game is the hold rule. If someone calls a hold, drop to one knee and remain quiet while the hold is resolved. If you see a dangerous situation, someone gets hurt or is about to, or must stop game (glasses on the ground is a common hold call), call ‘hold’ loud enough to be heard. Also, if you ever have any questions, talk to plot or a player on the welcoming committee, they would love to help you get the most out of your RoC experience.

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