Getting Started


Spending Experience

New characters get 100 experience points (XP) plus local chapter adjustments. See your Chapter’s Manual or local plot team for details. These points are used to purchase skills, abilities, and attributes. Returning players may get more points, and should speak to Plot.

Most points are spent directly on skills, expending points against the cost of the skills.

Some skills have pre-requisites, which are described with the particular ability.

There are limits to purchasing Advantages and Disadvantages. Characters may take up to -10 points in Disadvantages. Choosing a Disadvantage effectively increasing the experience points they can spend on other skills.  Characters may choose to take between -11 and -20 points in Disadvantages, but the points beyond -10 must be used to purchase Advantages.

Similarly a character can purchase 10 points in Advantages. If a character spends between 11 and 20 points in advantages, they must offset them by taking Disadvantages. In no case may a character have more than -20 points in Disadvantages, or 20 points in Advantages.

See Game Basics: Experience Points for details on how characters gain Experience Points.

From here, we can look at

         Writing a background

         What to bring to an event

         Building a Character


          PC Vs. NPC

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