Getting Started


The Basics of Ith

Our game is set in the Fantasy world of Ith, a world of rich history, and a dark past.  The players are part of the Republic of Talar, the home of the human race.  However, many other races make their home inside Talar.

Talar Republic- Talar is the largest nation in Ith.   It is comprised of mostly humans.  However, large numbers of Glyches, Korgahn, elves and Orcs also call Talar  their home. Talar is a republic and is ruled by a massive nobles council with no less then 200 members.  There is a small council of high dukes who make the majority of the major decisions.  The government of Talar is structured in such a way that it allows for the incorporation of new lands without stripping power form its rulers.  The dukes have called this system “the common nobles system”.  Any new body of government that wishes to join the republic must submit itself, and its rulers are weighed by number of subjects and wealth.  So long as the rulers follow the 5 laws of Talar and allow their citizens to leave their area freely, the new territory is incorporated into the government. Talar itself is in a state of recovery from the Age of Reckoning, in which Talar was the center of a war which took a heavy toll on the Republic.

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